September 6th 1972

“Frog – Bulmer / Geog – terry / singing – Marcus / Maths – Flint / TD – Pollock”

Frog (French) teacher Bulmer was a nasty brute of a man.

Terry M, our geography teacher, was a tall ginger man whose face got redder and redder with rage if we started mucking about in class. I would not have wanted his blood pressure.

Woah!!!….. I did singing? Did I mean singing or music I wonder? Marcus – one of the two music teachers at the school – always seemed to be a teacher who was working WAY below his ‘station’ in life, and thus treated us all like imbeciles. To be fair, he did have a point.

Mrs Flint was a good Maths teacher. I think I learned a lot from her. Maybe not all the integer nonsense but the nuts and bolts of every day mathematics. I reckon I’m pretty good with numbers.

TD (Technical Drawing) was one of my favourite subjects (later to be taken at a higher level) and Bill Pollock (one of best spoonerisms I know) was an insightful teacher, always willing to help the pupils who struggled.


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