September 3rd 1972

“Back to TIBS / Felt a bit queer all day / had good game of football / Great FUN at TIBS”

So, no real mention of the drive back from the holiday, no overview of the holiday and… it would seem… next to no recollection of what I got up to whilst we were away. I do find that a sad indictment somehow, and perhaps proof that, even then, I used to strictly inhabit just my own little world?

Still, there’s TIBS, the church group, to get back to. But I worry what was the great FUN ?

a good game of football” – where, with whom, for how long, what was the result? etc etc

It seems I felt a bit queer. I also wonder why such an innocuous phrase at the time now makes me giggle as if I have been watching too much Benny Hill?

This is one in an ongoing series of “diary, why must you taunt me” entries


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