September 2nd 1972

“Long ride home. stopped at small bay and scribbled in sand. Got home 21:15”


Something I can remember…. but only because I’m aware photographic evidence exists somewhere in the dark recesses of my Dad’s cupboards back in England.

I wrote three letters in the sand that day.

The first one was “E”

Can you maybe guess what the other two were?

(slaps forehead embarrassingly)


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One response to “September 2nd 1972

  1. Nobby

    EBG .. eeebyegum / ebuygum / ebygum … a Monty Python reference
    EGB … you had to leave before you could add “DF” – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
    e=mc2 … well there are only 3 letters
    esg … short for …
    ELO … is 10538 Overture Guilty Pleasure?
    e4l … not all letters … emo for life (UrbanDictionary)
    ENu … see urban dictionary
    e69 … see above
    ENT… ear nose and throat
    eby … you invented eBay – we know you couldn’t spell at that time
    but probably …
    and this is my final answer …
    ELP !
    Do I win a prize?

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