August 17th 1972

“went to lymington. went in posh place for dinner and had ½ a chicken. then went to beaulieu”

Q: If half a chicken was considered “posh” in 1972 how do we now rate a family bucket of KFC?

Lymington is a vibrant Georgian town located on the edge of the famous New Forest, down on the South Coast of England. It’s always been a been a big sailing venue. Lots of cobbled streets with lots of quirky stores. (In the late 80’s and 90’s it had a great record shop, the Disc & Tape Centre, owned by my great mate, Paul) In 1972 it evidently had somewhere ‘posh’ where I scarfed down half a chicken.

Beaulieu is home to Beaulieu Abbey, Beaulieu House (home of Lord Montague) and the National Motor Museum.

I don’t know if I first saw it on this trip or a previous one, but I can remember being impressed seeing Donald Campbell’s famous “Bluebird” car, the machine in which he broke the (then) land speed record in 1964. It seemed MUCH larger and longer than I imagined it to be having watched the record attempt on TV when I was just 6 years old.

However, by far my most favourite attraction at Beaulieu (how DIFFICULT is it to keep spelling/typing that bloody word?!) was the model train set that was set up in one of the outbuildings. The 1000+ square foot display was originally built for the 1964 World Fair in New York. Lord Montague had it shipped across the Atlantic the year after. I could’ve literally spent hours just watching the trains go round and round the buildings and mock ‘mountains’.

I am somewhat saddened by the knowledge that the train set was moved to Ireland in the mid-90’s, and the fact that this was the only photo I could find of it online….

It does kind of worry me that, had rock’n’roll not taken over my life I feel I could so very EASILY have become a speccy trainspotter!



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2 responses to “August 17th 1972

  1. Julian

    I still live in Lymington. I remember the disc and tape centre too, I bought a few albums there.

    I loved that model train layout at Beaulieu. I was sad to see it gone.

  2. Stevil

    One of my best mates from school, Neil Hutson has run Forest Records in Lymington for some years. I’ve not met him since the 70’s and have never been to the shop…

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