August 16th 1972

“went to southbourne for the day. bit windy but alright. played tennis etc then we went in amusement arcade”

Southbourne is a suburb of Southern seaside town Bournemouth.

It had/has a sandy beach with a long promenade which, in 1972 at least, must have featured an amusement arcade.

I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for amusement arcades, and enjoy spending a few bob on the one-armed bandits and silly coin-tipping games. If there was a bingo stall in the arcade, I’ll bet that my Mum sat down for a few games. She loved her bingo in those days.

As a family, I can’t ever remember us spending any time just ‘sunbathing’ or even sitting on the beach, but I’m sure we must have done, otherwise, there would be little point in going somewhere like Southbourne.

I do know that this 50-year-old  ‘boy’ who grew up near the British coastline, but who is currently living in the land-locked mid-west of America, is missing the sea much MUCH more than he can ever admit. There’s certainly something about sea air that invigorates me,  whilst watching waves crashing on the shore usually brings THE biggest boost to my soul. *sigh* 


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