August 12th 1972

“we had duck for dinner. after mum had washed up I was pulled away from the telly and was told we were going to gilkicker” / “we looked at slides”

More distressing diary conversation.

I’m no vegetarian (my wife is) but I have very much drawn the line at eating duck these days. I love the cute little critters too much and have invested far too much crusty bread in feeding them over the years for me to consider them something I would want on my plate.

The fact that I was “pulled away from the telly” says a lot about how little my life has changed in 36 years. My wife still has a hard time extracting me from the sofa in time for dinner sometimes!

I have mentioned Gilkicker before. I have to assume that my Dad did some sea fishing off the shoreline there as I can’t imagine why we would otherwise keep visiting the place?

We looked at slides” is as almost as fearful now as it was back then. We never printed photos, only ever got them as 35mm slides, which required a projector, a screen and all kinds of hassle to look at them.


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