August 6th 1972

“Man City bak’in action. Watched them on telly as they thrashed aston villa to win the charity shield” /”made model – bloodi disaster”

Just when I thought it was safe to forget the whole “Manchester City” thing, the 1972/1973 season kicks off and my embarrassment about NOT being a Southampton fan – and thus true to my ‘home team’ – returns with a vengeance. (Given events at Southampton in recent weeks however, the embarrassment may be considered to be displaced?!!)

I am evidently right back into the new season though, the yearly Charity Shield always kicking one off in every sense of the phrase.

I AM confused though, as I’ve always thought the Charity Shield was played between the previous season’s FA Cup victors and whomever came top of the (then) First Division. Manchester City, as documented somewhere by a sad 14-year old teenager, won neither…. and a cursory look at league records showed that Aston Villa were, back then, merely champions of the THIRD division??!

Still, at least City won.

Seems as if the outcome of the much-lauded Airfix model was, let’s say, less than anticipated? I do wish I had expanded on what constituted a “bloodi disaster” or taken photos with a not-yet-invented digital camera to post on the internet for everyone’s entertainment some 36 years later. I like to pride myself on my forward thinking, but on this occasion it obviously escaped me!


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