August 5th 1972

“Played +Kevin all day. I bt him at Subbuteo 5-0. I bt him at Cricket 105 all out to 49 all out. I bt him at Cricket at Lords game”

OK, so I had to Google “Cricket at Lords game” to find out just what it was.

Turns out it was some kind of late 1940’s board game, and something that would go for big money on eBay these days?

It was, apparently, a complete miniature game of cricket. (If you thought the picture would help me to remember the game… you’d be wrong!) A tiny bowler figure was used by one player to toss wooden balls at the wickets. The other player used a tiny cricket bat to hit the ball into play trying to avoid the tiny wooden fielders. A wooden scoreboard with interchangeable numbers kept track of the action.

It sounds crap doesn’t it? This wasn’t my game, so I assume it must have been Kevin’s.

Whoever Kevin was, it would appear he had a particularly bad day whilst yours truly RULED!


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