August 4th 1972

“Trev came up at 10:50 and we played records tapes etc. In afternoon we played cricket + scrabble. When he went i had a good argument with Mum”

I think it’s fair to say that Trev was my “best friend” back in these days. As is often the case, years and decades have passed and we have lost contact. I know he got married and had a couple of rugrats (probably teenagers themselves by now?).

The last I saw of him was maybe 15 years ago when we had a somewhat peculiar evening trying to ‘catch up on old times’. We didn’t seem to have much in common anymore, our lives having taken different directions. Funny how that happens to all kinds of people, all over the world.

Don’t you just love my comment that I had a “good argument with Mum“? Just what constitutes a “good” argument I wonder? If only I knew then what I was to discover about Mum as we both got older. *sigh*


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