August 3rd 1972

“Getting bludy boring in the mornings. Mormor getting on my wick. Went swimming and up neils in afternoon” / “painted model”

Another (albeit deliberately badly spelled) swear word. *sigh*

I have no idea why I felt the mornings to be ‘boring‘, or why I did nothing with them? Maybe my Mum went to work in the mornings somewhere and I was left to look after my grandmother (Mormor)? That would explain why she was getting on my wick as she could (unfortunately) often test the patience of a saint. Maybe the lack of a common language didn’t help matters either?

Swimming nonsense appears again, likewise this Neil bloke. I remembered who Neil was the other day. He lived in Bishopstoke. His Dad was into R&B and I think at some point I may mention I that I borrow “Motown Chartbusters Vol 3” from him. But don’t quote me, or my brain, on that.

Whatever the Airfix model was I bought yesterday, it seems it didn’t take me long to build it ready for painting, unless I perhaps painted all the parts before putting it together?


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