August 2nd 1972

“Went up trev’s house for the day and we played snooker etc* On way home I bort airfix model *I WON”

Once again I feel appalled by my boastful attitude here. The addition of that awful “I WON” in big bold uppercase letters seems so very unnecessary? Especially since the snooker game of which I speak was not played on a full-sized slate table, but was instead a tiny little replica table with cues that were about 18 inches long. Sad really in retrospect.

For my American readers who may not be aware, snooker is the British/Commonwealth version of pool. It’s played on a larger & taller table with longer cues, more complicated rules and is (usually) nowhere near as fast-paced as pool (often) is. I’m sure later diaries (1977 onwards) will report my enthusiasm for the game and how I played it pretty much every weekend!

Airfix was/is the manufacturer of those plastic scale model kits. I was always something of a fan, enjoying the task of carefully building each model, then painting it and applying all the decals.

I wonder if this occasion was when I bought the model of the famous Spitfire, a plane designed by Southampton Aviation Works (later Vickers)? An undoubted icon of WWII, the cover of the box (shown above) is so well designed I defy any teenage boy to overlook it on the toy store shelves!


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