July 24th 1972

“Went up Trev’s house for day. good fun. He bt me at chess 2-1, but hospital called for him at 2:40 so I went home. on the way home I bought pictures at an exhibition – emerson, lake + palmer”

Trev was, it has to be said, a very good friend. His parents were always very kind to me, feeding and watering me when the need arose. I’m sure my folks did the same whenever Trev (or any of my other teen pals) visited me, but for the life of me I can’t remember. Maybe I was always a bit more nervous/embarrassed about them coming to my place because of the arguments my parents would often get into? Such as it is, my memory can’t latch onto that either.

I would like to hereby boast that, as a junior, I was something of a chess champion. I learned the game at the age of 7, and between then and 10 I was a member of an unstoppable chess team at Chamberlayne Road school. There are photos somewhere of me looking exactly as you would imagine a junior chess champion would look. No, you can’t see them.

I suspect therefore the 2-1 loss was very close. *cough*

There’s mention of Trevor going to hospital again. It’s been mentioned before and yet I’m still none the wiser as to why he went. It seems weird that I was so specific about the time in my diary entry.

Pictures at an Exhibition though…. FINALLY…. score!!


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