July 23rd 1972

“Not much dun all day. went in stuart’s pool in afternoon. went out in evening”

When I say ‘went in stuart’s pool’ you don’t think I meant……….??


However, ‘went out in evening’ seems a suddenly encouraging comment for this 14-year-old teenage boy.

It must have been so VERY memorable that I didn’t feel it necessary to elucidate at the time, probably forgetting that the 50-year-old me would later look at that comment and SCREAM “What did I do?” and “where did I go?” and “Who did I do it with?” at the diary.



Filed under 1972 Diary Entries

2 responses to “July 23rd 1972

  1. Stuart was obviously a rich boy who has pool (or it was a paddling one!)
    My mate Bev (‘nanes changed to protect the innocent’ which I had as my disclaimer when I started) had a swimming pool at her house! They were so posh!

    I have to agree with the screaming at the diary…. who? what? where?… yep have done that …my god it does stir some thoughts/memories lol

  2. teenagerockopera

    Trust me, Stuart was NOT a rich boy. We’re talking glorified paddling pool here I think?

    I’m not sure I had any really posh friends? At least, not back then.

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