July 22nd 1972

“Nothing done in morning, in afternoon went with Mum to Winchester tried to buy pictures at an exhibition but couldnt”

See how this worked RIAA?

I borrowed Pictures at an Exhibition. I taped Pictures at an Exhibition. I listened and fell in love with Pictures at an Exhibition. So much so that I wanted to BUY Pictures at an Exhibition. OK, so no-one in Winchester had it today, but that doesn’t change what I am trying to say…

Even back in the 70’s the music industry was bleating about lost profits through people ‘stealing’ their product.

It should be pointed out that not long after this, the music industry was wallowing in so much money it almost didn’t know what to do with it. (Except keep signing Rush to new contracts)

The industry’s blinkered notion in the seventies that a few kids taping stuff was going to kill them off just makes me laugh… and it goes a LONG way to explaining just why they are in such a predicament now in the 21st Century. 

Consider the whole downloading, file sharing, torrent swapping phenomenon. Instead of embracing the new technology – which would have been SO MUCH easier for them to do (and doubtless profitable) – the industry instead has adopted a siege mentality and attacked the very hands that has always fed it.

Hey, I made a lot of money myself from the ‘industry’, so maybe I shouldn’t knock it, but I sincerely believe that history will show its inert greed together with its utter inability to understand what the likes of Napster & co were all about predated its eventual – and overdue – demise.

Given the fact that they have made enemies of many true fans of music in the last ten years with their lawsuits and threats, I say good riddance.

Now, back to 1972 and visiting Winchester with my mum….



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2 responses to “July 22nd 1972

  1. Buzzstein

    Hey, your spelling is getting better.

  2. Ah another 70s teen.
    So how many times did you cringe and laugh out loud whilst re reading them.
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I shall reciprocate so as I can find you and pop back soon

    (p.s. my spelling has got worse.. lol )

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