July 20th 1972

“In afternoon went swimming at school. started to rain hard so got a lift home with dad”

Here’s that whole “swimming” thing again.


I was so into it apparently that I went to the school swimming pool and used it during the summer holidays. What.the.hell?

Despite my wife’s comment on an earlier post, I don’t think it was “for the chicks, man”, but I can’t for the life of me work out what my fascination was for swimming…. when I couldn’t – and still can’t – bloomin’ swim?!!

The pool was open for pupil use during the school holidays withOUT any specific supervision and/or the necessity for lifeguards or teachers being on duty. Does that seem irresponsible?

Last summer, my wife and I watched a whole bunch of kids splashing about in – and thoroughly enjoying – a mere 6-inch deep public pool in Cincinnati. I remarked to my wife that I couldn’t understand why the facility required no less than FOUR lifeguards. She couldn’t understand it either. As kids, we didn’t need nothing like that. Maybe we were brought up with the right amount of smacked-into-us “common sense”?

Or does the growth of the ‘nanny state’ and a few decades worth of ‘blame someone else’ parental lawsuits have more to do with it?


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