July 6th 1972 (I)

“Bomb scare at school Missed 1st two lessons” / “Mucked about in TD”

Once again, the actions of a few (or two) made us unable to learn. I’m sure that at the lime we loved all of this, but years later – and after all the terrorist actions in the interim – the mere notion of creating a bomb scare feels just so very, very wrong.

As for “mucked about in TD” I wonder if I ever documented a later story from my Technical Drawing classes when in college? One of my friends stole an entire huge drawing table to use at home. The thing is, he stole it in pieces, removing and taking home a bit of it after every lesson. No-one mentioned the disappearing parts, and – even weirder – no-one noticed the board had gone when he finally took home the large frame and board itself, nicked during a “stage weekend” when – as ‘arty types’ – we were supposed to be prepping the school hall for a theatre performance.

See the nonsense I can remember?


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