June 19th – 23rd 1972

June 19th “Geography (QH) / “English Language (QE) / French (QH)”
June 20th “Maths (VH)”
June 21st “Physics (VH) / Chem (VH)”
June 22nd “Bio (H)”
June 23rd “English Lit (QE) / T.D. (QE) / RE (VH)

Thrilling diary entries as promised a few posts back.

School exams.

Acronyms in brackets standing for “Quote Hard”, “Quite Easy”, “Very Hard” & “Hard”

Surprising that I found Maths VH as it is one subject I do feel I may have actually excelled in back then. Maybe my upcoming diary entries will mark me a liar when the exam results are announced?

RE (Religious Education) duly noted as “VH”. My ‘god knowledge’ apparently eluding me despite all those deeply theology-ridden church weekends of which I have previously spoken. *Ahem*



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2 responses to “June 19th – 23rd 1972

  1. Jeff

    Dude, touching boobs is a religious experience if you ask me. Not that I would know anything about that, but…

  2. teenagerockopera

    Yes, but that makes “VH” take on a whole NEW meaning doesn’t it?

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