June 15th 1972

“Had a haircut. After 2 weeks of speculation I finally have haircut and layered”

I am not aware of anybody else’s speculation regarding my previously impending haircut, so any that existed was entirely in my own mind and of my own making. Unless by “speculation” I actually meant “procrastination”?

“Layered” feels like a very seventies word, later to be replaced by the equally damning “feathered” (in Northern Ireland prefaced by “tarred and”)

Over the years there’s only been a handful of people I have ever ‘trusted’ to cut my hair properly. I’m not sure – having seen the photos – that the trust wasn’t misplaced occasionally?

There will be a major post regarding my hair sometime in 1975. Everyone has one “really bad decision” regarding their hair, haven’t they? Mine was in 1975.


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