June 13th 1972

“Played tennis during gym. Me + Mick lost 6-2 to Steve & Andy”

Once again, I don’t know what’s more upsetting…

The fact that I can’t remember ever playing tennis at school, or that I can’t put faces to either of Mick, Andy or Steve.

There was a Steve I can remember. Bastard stole one of the best pens I ever owned. Is it childish of me to recall that with some clarity?

There was another Steve who ripped me off differently a few decades later. He barged his way into the organisation of a massive school reunion I, and others, were arranging, subsequently walking off with the ‘entrance fees’ we had agreed to put aside for the DJ I had employed. Which meant I ended up having to pay him out of my own pocket. This particular Steve (last name begins with a “W”) was/is an accountant by profession, obviously too used to ripping people off?!

Not all Steves are bad though


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