May 31st 1972

“Went to pictures and saw Up the Chastity Belt”

Fact: Frankie Howerd was a comedy god.

Fact II: I certainly knew how to pick dodgy movies to watch back in the seventies. My wife may say, that in 36 years, not much has changed.

Up the Chastity Belt” was one of those archetypal British comedies, full of double entendres and semi-clad beauties, in itself a spin-off of the popular TV series “Up Pompeii

Howerd plays Lurkalot, a poor servant who sells chastity belts on the side….. hang on, why am I bothering to give a plot synopsis, when the reality is any ‘plot’ was entirely superfluous to the relentless cheeky gags and smutty asides?

Some may say that I am still influenced by this kind of flick. Ooh, noooo, I really don’t what they mean, missus.

Again, no comment in my diary entry as to any movie-going companion, so I’ll have to guess that I went alone.


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