May 27th 1972

“Recorded Yes Fragile. P.A.E – ELP ”

Ah, after all the weeks of apparently abandoning music for other teenage things, I’m back at the tape deck, sat silently in front of my record player.

Yes’ Fragile is perhaps their most complete work.  With its memorable Roger Dean sleeve artwork, it’s certainly the one which catapulted them into the imaginary prog-rock Hall of Fame.

At the time, the cut “Roundabout” was amongst my very favourite songs, its position at the start of the cassette useful for repeat rewinds and listens. Unfortunately, ten years of living in America and an over-abundance of plays (of the edited version) on “classic rock radio” (thank you Fox) has now made me – perhaps sadly – treat it with a response of “Aaaaaarrrrghhhhhh… not a-gain!”So, I’ll instead settle for the jazz-fusion meanderings of “Long Distance Runaround”, the short but wonderfully-quirky “Cans and Brahms” (which gave the world an advance glimpse into the theatrical keyboard leanings of band newcomer Rick Wakeman) and “Heart of the Sunrise”, a cut which always reminded me (vocal aside) of another prog-rock powerhouse of the time.

I give you Mr Emerson, Mr Lake and Mr Palmer.

P.A.E.refers to ELP’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, their live *ahem* prog-rock tribute to classical composer Mussorgsky’s most famous work.

The album had been released the previous year by Manticore – the band’s own label – at a bargain price (£2.49 maybe?) It’s FAR from ELP’s finest moment* , but there was no way you could even suggest that to me back in 1972, because everything they did was, according to me, “musical genius” (and other terrible cliches)

To say I was a fan of the band was an understatement, something that was only get ‘worse’ a few months later

In the meantime, here’s a public service warning about what growing your hair and going out in public in a groovy satin two-piece suit can do to you…

*I did warn you



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3 responses to “May 27th 1972

  1. MissK

    “Heart of the Sunrise” is one of my favorite Yes songs.

  2. Paul

    Just goes to show how much time you must have spent on that “Long Distance Runaround” and studying the “Exhibition”! I’ve been thinking about having new batteries fitted – but it makes my eyes water!

  3. MissK

    Just watched the video. I have only one word for it:


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