May 25th 1972

“Sports Day. We win inter-forms after winning boys relay and 2nd in girls” / “books back”

Whatever they did with those books, it didn’t take them long.

Maybe they were all secretly implanted with tiny tracking chips to monitor where we went and who we talked to?

Maybe there was some other kind of ‘educational conspiracy’ going on in the higher echelons of government? Not long after who’s to say I wasn’t given a ‘flu shot’ at school, which actually erased my memory of the whole affair?

Yes, that’s the most likely, and, in my case, inflicting far more damage and completely eradicating my entire recall of 1972 aside from Manchester City’s dismal league position and a church girl’s shirt potatoes.

As for “sports day“, I can only assume that I was a willing bystander rather than any kind of active participant.

Doubtless explaining why we apparently did so well!


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