May 23rd 1972 (2)


 MtifD refers to a tiff – or argument – between my Mum & Dad at home.

In, quite possibly, the first genuine downside of honestly documenting my old diaries in this blog, I find it quite cringe-worthy, sad and awkward to be openly speaking about this subject some 36 years later. Especially given the knowledge of what happened later on with my Mum.

I seriously uhmmed and aahed for a long time when trying to deciding whether to include my references to their arguments,  but the unavoidable truth is this… One thing from my youth I can, and clearly, remember is the persistent petty confrontations my parents would get into.

I already know – without reading ahead – my diaries will refer to them often. Barely any specifics about the source of the shouting (sometimes I think it was impossible to know what set them off?), but strange teenage reference nevertheless. I know I used a combination of acronyms and phrases including “MtifD“, “MDargu” and others, all based on what I perceived (at the time) to be the severity of the arguing.

However, perhaps the most insightful of the bunch – “arguverge“, was used in diary sidebars for when they weren’t arguing but my teenage self knew they were on the cusp of one.

I may comment on this again in future entries, but this post, like I said, has been one of the hardest to write.


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