May 21st 1972

“locked val and sue out of their room in afternoon” / “service in afternoon” / “more norty tricks” / “got home at 5:15, found out that have lost pen”

Lest we forget the true purpose of the weekend, “service in the afternoon” probably relates to something ‘church-esque’. I am pretty sure it doesn’t suggest anything untoward, *ahem*, if readers get my drift?

Apparently, it was straight from the vestibule and back to “more norty tricks“. The, sadly, only-vaguely-recalled  ‘orgy’ continuing somewhat unabated it would seem? (I wish I could remember more about it, oh, I really do!)

That final sentence of the diary entry made me – as it may have done you, dear reader – REALLY laugh out loud. For all the reasons you are thinking of, as well as all of those of my own!

Isn’t it a fantastic ode to extraordinary teenage naivety though? A weekend of apparently unbridled shenanigans featuring my introduction to ‘the female form’… and my reaction was akin to “where’s my bloody pen?”


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