May 19th 1972

“TIBS weekend” / “Abbots Road by 6, rave up in A’s room” / “Arrived at 7. Had supper. Unpacked. Played Norty Tricks. Brilliant Fun”

OK, it’s time to play something of the “voyeur” with my teenage self.

This was an away-from-home weekend, linked to my T.I.B church group. Not just the individuals in my own little ‘sect’, but fellow teens from other similar weekly gatherings across the region. If I was a guessing man, 36 years later, I would say there were probably 20 to 30 people all ‘crashing’ at this minister’s private residence linked to the church I (sometimes) attended.

A veritable cornucopia of people and their sleeping bags. Brought together by the almighty. I certainly had my eyes opened, but not for any spiritual reason.

I have complete zero recall of the “rave up in A’s room“, but I suspect that the words “rave up” in 1972 meant something completely different to the connotations later applied to them. Maybe a can or two of warm cider, the odd scream or giggle, most probably accompanied by acne-ridden suggestive glances across the room.

Despite the appalling spelling, “Norty tricks” relates to something far more… erm… undocumented in the bible. Personal acts between teenage girls and boys that may or may not deny them automatic entry to heaven come redemption day. It was, as I mentioned yesterday, something of an ‘awakening’ for me, even if this awakening involved nothing more invasive than harmless fumbling over, in and around various items of clothing. With, I am somewhat both proud and embarrassed to state later in life, more than just one girl. Go me!

What’s really important though is that I evidently had supper first. Wouldn’t want to get into all that hanky-panky without some food in my belly.


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