May 12th 1972

“bought packet of sole studs (8p) TUF”

Reading this entry really made me laugh out loud.

“Studs” were crescent-shaped pieces of metal (steel) that could be hammered into the soles of shoes, ostensibly to protect the heel from wear.

But protecting the heel from wear was the very furthest thing from my mind when I bought and used these. It was ALL about me being ‘teen-trendy’ and ‘stylish’.

I had doubtless noticed that my school’s “cool kids” had a certain ‘click’ to their walk, created by these sole studs. 8p obviously seems/seemed like a small price to pay to replicate that instant cool.

To hell with the fact that I probably looked like a twat and was dressed by my Mum, if I could ‘click’ like the cool kids, I might become “TUF” (tough) like one of them?! Hahahahaha……

In reality, I probably amended my walking style – in order to create the best, loudest-possible girl-attracting ‘click’ – resulting in an affectation that made me look like a camel with shattered kneecaps.


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