April 1st 1972

“Man City 1 Stoke 2”

This entry is accompanied by an arrow with the word “tradgedy” (yes, that spelling… *sigh*) pointing to the scoreline.

Oh, and drawn fingers doing “the V’s” to Stoke.

Flicking the V’s – two fingers facing forward, thrusting up and down at your antagonist has long been a peculiarly-English gesture of abuse.

It is also used as a sign of defiance against authority. 

Or football referees. 

It is often accompanied by a rude verbal phrase, naturally ending in the common word “off”

If Man City’s Division 1 title hopes were close to being undermined, worse was to follow just a few days later….


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One response to “April 1st 1972

  1. Christian

    Now you’re doing teasers?

    You’re worse than the local news.

    I’ll tell you why at 11.

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