March 15th 1972

“X-ray at winchester hospital. nufin wrong. stayed home”

Ah, soooooo proud of my crappy spelling back then.

Words like “Nufin” that appear from time to time occurred not because I couldn’t spell – indeed I think I was a pretty damned good speler – but due to being overly-influenced by Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle’s funny “Molesworth Books“. I would occasionally veer into Moley’s dialogue, having revelled in silly sentences like “Wot fun, whizz bang and chiz to all beaks” and enjoyed Searle’s fabulous drawings.

The good news from today is that my foot obviously lives to kick another football. I still have the foot in 2008 and there did not seem to be any permanent harm done.

The visit to the ‘horse brutal’ has been expunged from my memory. Either because it was uneventful OR it just needed expunging.


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