March 9th 1972

“stayed home because of foot. doctor came. gave me somin to put on it. julie lent me man alive to read”

I think the fact that the doctor came to me, rather than I went to the doctor, dates this event considerably? Do doctors still do house calls?

“Somin” is not a wonder drug, merely some time-killing bad speling on my part.

I admit I had to google/amazon the book I was lent. (I believe the “julie” I mention was one of our friendly neighbours?). After trawling through all kinds of titles which include the words “man” & “alive” (133 on Amazon alone) I was hitting memory blank after memory blank. Then I noticed the title written by someone called Michael Green and few worn brain cogs went round and provided me with the correct answer.

Published originally in 1967, “Man Alive” by Michael Green appears to be some quasi-religious nonsense suggesting Jesus is/was alive and walking amongst us all. Antiqbook described it further, saying “It shows the relevance, the challenge, the power of the resurrection to change men’s lives and to show the way out from meaninglessness and despair

Jesus Aitch, here I am with an injured foot and scarred leg and I’m lent this to read?? In retrospect it sounds like 96 pages (yes, this was NOT a big book) of utter tosh.

Did I read it or toss it aside? No idea really. Einstein said that our brain will always discard the things it doesn’t need anymore. I doubt there was anything mind-blowing for me in this book, but even if there was, nothing mind-blowing for me to have retained. Hell, I couldn’t even remember the book itself!


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