March 10th 1972

“stayed home again. dad brought home a flower plant for mother’s day as I could not get out”

I must have been bad not to be able to go out anywhere? Or at least too bad to have got on my bike to go and pick up a Mother’s Day present.

The description of a “flower plant” is testament to my ignorance about all things “nature”. I evidently could not differentiate between the two. Even now I describe any brand of tree as “a tree”, and any plant as “a plant”.

Sometimes I use colours to explain the difference between one flower and another, but with the possible exception of a rose, I could NOT tell you you the name of plants and flowers in people’s garden. It’s a constant source of embarrassment to me. My Dad was a gardener, my wife is a gardener. I am not.

The story of my life is called “The Constant Non-Gardener”


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One response to “March 10th 1972

  1. Paul

    So, 30’something years ago it was “flower plant” – now it’s “any brand of tree”! I bet Alan Titchmarsh is brickin’ it!

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