March 7th 1972 (1)

“Recorded B.O.T.W. – Simon + Garfunkel in evening – scrubbed out Zero Time + Sing Bro Sing”

Well, WHAT a strange twist?!

I recorded over Tonto’s and Edgar Broughton? Was I a bit bereft in the trouser department and so couldn’t afford the expense of another blank cassette? Whatever the reason, it seems peculiar to me now.

Bridge over Troubled Water” (or B.O.T.W. is I have described it here) is perhaps the seminal Simon & Garfunkel album. I know it was a firm repeated favourite as musical background to the Sunday evening TIBS meetings, so it doubtless wormed its way into my ear as a result.

I still adore the cuts “Cecilia” and “The Boxer” with a vengeance, even if the maudlin title track (sadly, a staple of American “rock radio”) makes me want to find a bucket, as sickly sweet and irritating as it has become over the past three decades.

Regardless of the “biggest hit” problem, the album gave me a youthful appreciation of the songwriting skills of Paul Simon. This would be accentuated years later, when (arguably) his finest work “Graceland” became the first disc played over the speakers when I opened my own CD store to the public in 1986.

My wife refers to Paul Simon as the “troll”, and looking at the cover photo, with Art towering over him, you wouldn’t want to argue with her too much, would you? However, it has to be noted that he was married to Carrie Fisher during her attractive “Princess Leia” years, and is currently hitched to the equally sassy Edie Brickell. To paraphrase Caroline Ahern I say “Tell me girls, what exactly did you see in multi-millionaire Paul Simon?”


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