March 6th 1972 (2)

“Bought set of batteries. 18p. 33 Days”

33 days seems something of a good success rate for one set of batteries to last, given the fact that

a) the past month or so included bi-daily power cuts
b) during that time I must surely have listened to stuff more then usual?

I still find it funny…. no, make that ‘weird’… that I would document stuff like this.

In fact, I have just noticed something else from my entries at the beginning of the year. Something that I did not spot earlier.

It appears that, for a while, I wrote (in the margins of each entry) how much I spent that day!

On my birthday I spent 70p, then there are other notations for 12p, 21p, 8p, 65p, 10p, 5p, 4p and one for a massive 2.37 when I bought a pre-recorded cassette (Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s debut release).

Then, on January 22nd, the notations stop.

But it proves that from that year to this, I am always a cheap date.


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