February 16th 1972

“Recieved letter about postponement”

I’m pretty certain this relates to our school half-term getting postponed, as I seem to remember schools being concerned that if they had to close during the power cuts, there was the risk they might never re-open.

However, this is not the primary subject for today’s entry. (Neither is my poor spelling of the word “received”)

Today was Ash Wednesday. (To a kid that meant yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and all those yummy pancakes. My Mum, bless her, loved Pancake Day!)

In front of where the diary shows the pre-printed reminder “Ash Wednesday”, I had written “Wishbone”

Yes, Wishbone Ash Wednesday. I do believe it is still celebrated by lovers of twin-guitared prog rock all over the world? All together now……

“Tiiiiiiiiiime Waaaaaaaaaaas,
when there was no need to stop and rearrange it,
now I’ve got a memory and I don’t want to change it”


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