February 3rd 1972

“Rained Hard. Recorded ‘Sing Brother Sing’ by Edgar Broughton Band”

I doubt there was correlation between the two, but there could have been I suppose?

I do believe the loan of the Edgar Broughton Band’s debut album came via my friend Nigel’s older brother, Keith. It was – even if I didn’t know it at the time – my initial foray into the strange screwy arena of ‘heavy psychedelic rock’. 

The opener, “There’s No Vibrations, but Wait” is – like much of the album that follows – a wild drug-fueled load of old bollocks really, but at the time it ‘felt’ so strangely compelling.

There’s No Vibrations – but wait
Out of the night crept the words that had been lying behind the dusty doors
And things that should be there, anywhere
as long as the cigarette smoke curls up not down from the ashtray,
soon it’ll be day

14-years old, and already I was seeing the possibility of illegal substances heightening one’s senses. Let’s face it, you definitely needed to be on something to suffer lyrics like that.

All retrospective joking aside, I LOVED “Sing Brother Sing” and decades later… I STILL love it. From beginning to end it just reels me in every time, even if the benefit of ‘ancient wisdom’ makes me now realise that the song “Psychopath” is actually about a murdering paedophile rather than a cute little number where the singalong chorus goes “she stripped… I flipped

A few years ago, eager to ‘nostalgically bolster’ my CD collection, I hunted down other titles from the Edgar Broughton Band ‘ouvre’ (I was amused to discover that their online presence is described as their “EBBsite”. Yes, very clever Edgar). I snagged “Wasa Wasa” and “Oora”. The purchase and subsequent listen of these proved the point to me that if you REALLY like ONE album by a relatively unknown band, the likelihood of you liking the rest of their stuff is EXTREMELY slim indeed. You just “lucked out”, so be done with it and don’t dig any deeper because the ‘buried stuff’ has been covered over for a reason!


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