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January 7th 1972

“Went to see Oliver. Trev came with me”

Erm….. what better birthday treat can there be for boy of 14 than go and see a dodgy musical?

Trev was my then best mate. 36 years later this positively SCREAMS “alternative lifestyle” doesn’t it?

Considering “Oliver” – the film – was released 4 years earlier, I can’t imagine it would’ve been the darkness of a cinema where I spent my birthday.

More likely it was a theatrical presentation, most probably at Southampton Gaumont, although a cursory google search has gleaned nothing further.

Went to see Oliver. Trev came with me

Hmmmn… maybe I have it wrong and “Oliver” was merely some bloke we both knew? I doubt it however, even if I do have zero recollection of hearing “Got to pick a pocket or two” at such an influential age.

It’s scary when your mind will not allow you the benefit of remembering things and I have to accept that, as this blog progresses, there could be oodles of entries where the words will not make any kind of sense to me.

I’ll ask you please forgive me during those entries. My Dad – 30 years my senior – has almost perfect recall, even of of events that took place during his childhood in the 30’s. Sadly that was not one of the genes he passed down.

Mind you, unlike his son, he didn’t toy with ‘substances’ (other than mild alcohol intake) in his late teens/early twenties.

So, when this nostalgic blog veers off the rails a little, blame “Guido”, my dealer.


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